Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving at my house

We like to start the day off early every year. People begin arriving around 10:00 am and this year my good Italian friend Natalie brought this amazing Egg, Spinach and Sausage Calzone...a few pitchers of Thanksgiving morning Salty Dogs and everyone had breakfast together while some of us flitted in and out of the kitchen finishing up last minute items. Warming the stuffing, adding another round of cornish hens to the smoker and putting the cranberries on the stove.

We had smoked Cornish hens for the second year in the row. I find they are trouble free and cook in about one hour. We do brine them overnight for added flavor and they turn out perfect every year. Allot one bird each per person to ensure leftovers to send home with anyone. Instead of Turkey sandwiches or tetrazzine the week after think more along the lines of a smoky infused chicken and rice soup with paprika.

Rounding out the meal, we had Southern style cornbread dressing, an apple walnut stuffing, fresh Orange Cranberry sauce, Locally grown India Mustard greens, roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, Baked Scallops with sage and breadcrumbs, Port wine gravy, Cayenne honey glazed Sweet potatoes, Grilled asparagus with pickled shallots, Apple Crisp, Flourless Chocolate cake and Pumpkin Pie with maple whipped cream...

Oh yes, and my husbands Southern Oyster Casserole...all I can say about this is that is does not contain any cheese or cream of mushroom soup, just oysters, butter, Worcestershire and cracker crumbs....and butter. We used enough plugra butter that day to stop a small team of Oxen in its tracks.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It is almost December

Seriously folks, I picked a cucumber today. It would not win a prize at the county fair or anything but there it was, still in the garden, along with about 40 good looking green tomatoes.

I do believe that cold weather is probably coming but until then, my garden is actually looking better these last few weeks than it did all Summer. Swiss Chard, Ornamental peppers, Flat leaf Italian Parsley, Italian Chicory, Butter crunch Lettuce and Tomato plants that are outrageous for this time of year.

I am not quite sure what I will do with all of those green tomatoes, maybe pickled or tomato chutney, but I do have plans for the leaves.

Did you know that tomato leaves are NOT poisonous. Well, not necessarily. A lot of things in large amounts are poisonous, but even basil leaves in large doses can be symptomatic for some people, and no one thinks anything about Sassafras leaves (Gumbo File) in their Cajun creations which has always been listed as being a carcinogen. I say this because Harold McGee says this, and he is a Food/Scientist authority. I have even found recipes from Mario Batali's father that uses tomato leaves to add a true garden flavor to his tomato sauces and salumi...I do LOVE the smell of tomato leaves.

I will try a few recipes on myself first at home, but actually I plan to make soap. Yes soap, not soup... Soap. I am perfecting a recipe and I better get on it. The Weather channel is telling me that the next few days make start to feel like it is supposed to in late November.

Here are a few pics of my home garden with all of those tomato leaves and one tiny cucumber.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everything but the Turkey!

Hannah's is looking forward to being a part of your Thanksgiving Holiday! We are offering "Everything But The Turkey" this year to accompany your special dinner. All items will be available to pick up through November 25th. Call 940-566-1110 to place your order today!

First course:
• Bistro cheese board- assorted cheeses with seasonal accompaniment of bread, cranberry and red onion jam, and tangerine and rosemary olives $5 per person
• Soup-Cauliflower & celery root puree with pancetta $4 per person
• Salad-Beet goat cheese salad with hazelnuts and citrus $4.50 per person

• Old fashioned yukon mashed potatoes $3.50 per person
add white truffle oil $1 supplement per person
• Chipotle mashed potatoes $3.75 per person
• Roasted root vegetables with thyme $4.50 per person
• Roasted brussels sprouts with maple bacon $4.50 per person
• Cajun Mirlington cornbread dressing lightly spiced Louisiana
style $4 per person
• Apple sage and walnut stuffing $4.25 per person
• Cranberry kumquat compote $1.75 per person
• Grilled asparagus with shallot sherry vinaigrette
$3.25 per person
• Butternut squash with brown butter and sage $3.50 per person
• Roast chicken port gravy $2 per person
• Roasted garlic bread $5
• Pecorino rolls $.50 per roll
• Sun-dried tomato rosemary rolls $.50 per roll

• Brandied fruit sauce (to go over your own dessert of ice cream)
with sundried apricots, cherries, cranberries and cinger preserved in Brandy $7 per pint
• Hepburns walnut brownies $4 per person

Whole Desserts:
• Hannah's carrot cake $30
• Flourless chocolate cake with strawberries $30
• Coconut custard pie $20
• Mile high apple pie $35
• Pumpkin and white chocolate cheesecake with
gingersnap crust $35

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Lunch Menu Fall 2009

Stop in for lunch this week and check out our new menu! Chicken Saltimboca with homemade manicotti, Prosciutto and Brie on Baguette with Horseradish Marmalade, Our seasonal Reuben is back and Vegetarian Black Bean Chili....never forget..we are listening...Fresh handmade tortillas for all tacos!