Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100 mile dinner ~ SPRING menu

100 mile dinner
Hannah’s off the Square

Amuse- Wood Sorrel and Pork dumplings in Burdock leaves
Tonight’s Featured Cheeses and Dairy
Aged Asadero, Aged Boyaca & Fresh Butter- Lucky Layla Dairy- Garland. Fresh Mozzarella- Full Quiver Farms-Justin. Fresh goat Cheese, fresh Ricotta cheese & Local Pecan Smoked Scamorza- Dallas Mozzarella Company, Fresh Jersey Cow Milk and Cream- Neu Farms Dairy- Gainesville

Family Style Entrees, Salads and Spring Vegetables
Bibb lettuce salad with Goat Milk Ranch Dressing and Crispy Pork Belly, Spicy Greens with Warm Ricotta Pecan Medallions and Sherry Vinaigrette, New Potatoes with Parsley butter, Roasted Shiitake mushrooms, Steamed asparagus with Lemongrass butter, Sauteed Milk Weed Shoots, Salt Roasted Pork Loin with Arugula Pesto and Sno Pea Tendrils, Honey vinegar BBQ Beef Short Ribs, Bay Roasted Dominion Farms Chicken, Asparagus Cheddar Frittata.

Gnismer Farms Strawberries and fresh Cream with Warm Rhubarb compote and Grandpa’s Honey

Wines- Thanks to Arche` Winery and Brushy Creek Vineyards for the lovely wines!

If you missed out on last night, don't forget to inquire early about our 100 Mile dinner in the Fall!

Scenes from last night

Another wonderful 100 mile dinner, apparently you CAN eat too many strawberries, mushrooms and asparagus! Thanks to all who attended our first Spring event...what a memorable evening!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Found Wild- Milkweed Shoots

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I've got a secret. A secret field away from the traffic, but still in the city. In a secret meadow, down a secret trail leading away from a not so secret very public place!

I used to live by this secret field and I know its every curve of wood and every seasonal whim.
I know when the wild jonquils bloom in late winter. I know when the blackberries are ripe in Summer and when the golden rod blooms in Fall. AND I know when the milk weed shoots are up in Spring and that is right NOW!

I have milk-weed shoots for my 100 mile dinner!

I love to forage and there is nothing better than living off of the land around you, but foragers must be mindful of giving away their secret will never hear a Morel Mushroom Forager telling tales at the bar after a good day of hunting. Oh, it may have been a Molly Moocher all right, but where he found it, you will never know!

Also, a responsible forager must remember to leave all plants the ability to re-produce...but that's just being a good Girl Scout!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Found Local - Chinese Amaranth

Being part of a community garden certainly has its perks, the least of which is the wonderful hospitality most gardeners share with their neighbors in spreading around the wealth of fruits and vegetables from one plot to the next!

This Asian green may be the exception however, it seems that every plot in my Community Garden has been blessed with its spreading, sprouting, sort-of-taking-over everything sensibility! Recently my garden plot neighbor asked me if I knew what it was and I did not right away, but he gave me a clue, saying that an Asian lady once had a plot there and ever since this stuff has been growing like wildfire. A little searching on the internet gave me my answer so I quickly removed some of the beautiful purple tinged shoots and brought them home to my personal garden for continued seems the Community Gardeners do everything they can to get rid of the "mystery greens", and I am hoping to spread the word.

These are going to be great for my next 100 mile dinner!
Chinese amaranth or Asian Spinach with local butter and dried chili...mmmm!