Friday, July 29, 2011

A night out just for the Chef's

On Monday July 25th, area Chefs from Denton, Fort Worth and Dallas came to Hannah's for a night out. A shift away from the kitchen for the evening and a simple meal with great company. Thanks to all who came all the way to Denton and thanks to the local chefs who made us feel so proud to know.

A peek at the menu we served and a few pics from the night. Thanks also to my wonderful staff in the kitchen and front of house. You were perfect!

Amuse~ Watermelon Rum Batidas and Chilled Cucumber soup with Squaw candy
First Course~ Shrimp-n-Grits with Pecan Smoked Bacon Gravy, Pickled Prawns and Shaved Celery
{Ramos Gin Fizz}
Entree~ Grilled Hanger Steak with Summer Pea Cake and Charred Red Onion and Heirloom Tomato 
Salsa  { Parlay 2009, The Bookmaker}
Intermezzo~ Sweet Tea Granita
Fish~ Halibut with Breadcrumbs, Sauce Gribiche, Watercress & Lemon
{La Folette 2009, Chardonnay Sonoma Coast}
Dessert~Brown Butter Ice Cream with Pork Belly Sandies and Port Poached Peaches
Espresso, Coffee with Chocolate Sausage and Mint Julep Truffles

Thanks to Sysco, Segafreddo, Syosset, Standard Seafood, White Marble Farms and American for all of your support and a special thanks to Domenico for being a superb Sous Chef. What are you doing next week? Can't wait for the next dinner!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer 2011

Whew! Where have I been? Super busy these days with so much local stuff pouring in. Lots of pretty parties at the restaurant this time of year, playing with fig EVERYTHING, copper river salmon are plentiful.

A few new additions to the Cheeseboards, Chocolate Sausage (with hazelnuts, cookie and dried fruits)
Balsamic Jelly and Hot Damn Pepper Jam- All house-made of course :)

Shishito peppers and pastrami Pork belly sliders, now on the bar menu. Come Join us tonight!