Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Outstanding in the field

{photos via~Andrea Wyner, Outstanding in the field}

I just came across this website via Design Sponge. Isn't it wonderful? Outstanding in the Field is a wonderful group that sets up local dinners all over the US. They bring the farmers, Chefs and guests together for a memorable meal in glorious farm settings!
I think Hannah's should do this move-able feast sometime in the summer, but when is a good time? The Texas weather is so fickle, really, because two days ago I was looking at snow and today will be 75! Any good suggestions for a time and place?

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Tickets for the Dallas Event go on sale soon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reading right now

We are getting the Spring planting bug all around Hannah's staff right now. Everyone is talking about what they are going to plant and who found what extraordinary seeds. While some things must wait to go into the ground until after the last possible time of frost, these books are helping me curb the cravings!