Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brunch in the Fields

Join farmer's Amanda and Dan at their first annual Brunch in the fields at Cardo's Farm Project.
For ticket purchase and more info please visit Cardo's website. 

In the same spirit as our 100 mile dinners, I will be preparing Quiche, Chicken Soup, Garden Salad, Chocolate Beet Muffins, fresh Pork Belly, Smoked Ham and more from local ingredients.  Local milk and locally roasted coffee will also be provided.

Also, don't forget that space is limited so make your ticket purchase early!
See you there

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cardo's a Farm Tour

 A recent visit to Cardo's Farm Project gave us the opportunity to visit with Farmer Amanda and help us envision the April Brunch we are hosting right in the fields of the farm.

 Guinea chickens and Dan's dog "Tobay" kept us company on our tour with Amanda.

Squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and melons await the fields in one of the green houses.

 A diy biodome where Amanda assures us she lived for many months when she first moved to the farm.

All colors of pale pink, blue and cream eggs are gathered each day and sometimes traded to nearby farmers for milk and other dairy items.

 Fava beans in full bloom...can't wait for these!

Cardo's will be hosting a Brunch in the Fields on April 28th 2012. Hannah's will be providing a bounty of local foods such as House smoked pork belly, Chicken and Spring greens soup, Various Quiches, Chocolate Beet Muffins, Corned Beef Hash and more! All served on the farm with lots to see and do.

For more information and to purchase your tickets, please visit Cardo's Farm Project website and sign up for their newsletter or like them on Facebook!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Bar Menu

 Green Bean Fries with Sweet Tabasco

 Smoked Salmon Bruschetta with Capers and Tomato

 Lobster Ricotta Fritters with Florida Sauce

House made Chips with Gorgonzola Cream

Some new additions to our patio/bar menu. Come by and check them out will ya?