Saturday, November 10, 2012

100 Mile Dinner

This past June we celebrated another one of our memorable 100 mile events. A dinner comprised totally of foods found within one hundred miles of the restaurant. 

Things have changed wildly over the last 7 years that we have been doing these. There is almost nothing we can't find locally. Almost. The ever elusive wheat haunts my dreams but one day this local larder will be filled with pasta and bread. Cobbler and crumb. 

Even so, we had some truly great additions this Summer. Sharp Shooter cheddar from Veldhuizen farms and local apples. So many choices of local honey that I decided to do a tasting side by side. House smoked pork belly, garlic soup and more garlic grilled rabbit. Wild Hive honey ice cream with berries, ratatouille and even a local grain/corn vodka called Nue vodka. Distilled six times just down the road in Lewisville with locally sourced ingredients.

Many thanks go out to Cardo's farm project, Ryan & Earthwise produce, The Dallas Farmers Market and every local farmer, backdoor gardener and Rancher who has helped create these new memories. Thank you.

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